Reasons To Choose Teak Wood Furniture

Every house in Indonesia must have furniture made of wood. Each region even has a variety of designs according to the culture of their respective regions. Talking about quality issues, there is also no need to doubt, Indonesia itself is even known as one of the most quality woods in the world, namely teak, merbau and many other types of wood.

It is not surprising that many Indonesian wooden furniture has penetrated the international market. However, along with the times, now there are more and more types of furniture made of various types of materials that can make a kit confused in choosing. If you are confused about choosing teak wood furniture or furniture from other materials, here are the reasons why you are better off choosing wooden furniture:

1. Strong and durable – Furniture made of wood usually has a lifespan of 20-30 years, especially if the furniture is made of teak, then its age can even reach 70 years. Wooden furniture can also stand firm even though it is given a heavy load. So wood furniture is the perfect choice for those of you who are looking for strong and durable furniture.
2. Easy to find and environmentally friendly – You can find many reliable and quality wood furniture craftsmen scattered throughout Indonesia. You can even order Indonesian furniture according to the type of design you want. Wood is indeed a type of material for making furniture that is very easy to find in Indonesia. The waste resulting from the processing itself can even be reused and is safe for the environment.
3. Gives a natural and elegant feel – If you like natural nuances, then the use of furniture made of wood is perfect. The material that is taken naturally from nature will bring beautiful natural elements into your home. The color spectrum of wooden furniture can also provide a distinctive lighting effect in your room. Various types of choices such as chairs, tables, cabinets also give you the freedom to be creative in designing your home design.

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